I was supposed to be resting this week

I planned to have this week as another recuperative week . . . and really, honestly, I should have kept to that.

But an email exchange on Sunday night at 9pm prompted me to get into the office, and I’ve been work 3/4 days since then. Evenings have been new-house focused (Mon we looked at ‘upgrades’, Tues and tonight are the last of the Realtor interviews). So these have been long days.

I give so much at work, I have no energy for anything else. Not good. Physically, this is taking its toll. I am barely able to muster the energy to walk the Miss at night, and certainly not 2x/day . . . as I’d hoped I would this week.

That’s all I have for now. I’m looking forward to more energy later.

2 thoughts on “I was supposed to be resting this week

  1. lisa Post author

    lol . . .

    J. got me a special treat last night: the 10th Anniversary DVD edition of Myst I, II, and III. So I will be resting this weekend. Or at least sitting in one place burning brain cells. 🙂

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