Improving by leaps and bounds

Yesterday was a banner day in two ways:

1. I was able to increase the time between meds from 2 hrs to 2.5 hrs. Without pain or discomfort.

2. I was able to go for a walk TWICE. The evening walk was especially beautiful. No rain, just very windy and it had warmed up quite a bit. The air smelled so good and fresh, it was intoxicating. The second walk left me tired, but invigorated.

I have begun dreaming again. I’ve been having ‘dreams’ almost every night, but last night was the first time my dreams were . . . shall we say? relevant? . . . When I begin to dream of myself as missing a breast I will know I have assimilated a new self-image. In the meantime, I’m talking to beings again and having colorful adventures. (I dream in color, generally.)

Today . . . today has been a joy, and it’s barely begun. I had a shower, and J. washed my hair. It was awkward and a bit messy, but I feel truly clean for the first time in a week. (I smell better, too.)

Sitting at a computer is still a bit of an effort. My mental acuity is fairly low, and my motor skills are also slower than usual. Not being able to move my left arm is more debilitating than I expected. Working around it often produces a cramp in the left shoulder, about mid-blade. One of my tasks today is to look into gentle stretching exercises I can do to restore full movement in the left arm.

I’m going to go for a walk while it’s not raining.

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