Long Time Passing

I didn’t mean for there to be *quite* so much time passing between blog entries, but Life (as it frequently does) got in the way.

That said, I don’t have much to post at the moment. My interview (based on The Virtual Pagan) with The Magical Buffet was posted in their May issue. It was a fun moment of ‘way back’ for me. The Wiccan/Pagan Times ran a long and well-done interview with me as well. (The well done is not a reference to my replies, but to the quality of the questions asked!)

Australia’s magazine “the spirit guide to Spellcraft” ran an article about me in its Winter 2007 issue (remember — the are ‘opposite’ us Northern Hemisphere folks!) that was lovely. The only problem is they start of by listing me as a member of CAW and having circled with Oberon Ravenheart-Zell. I like the man immensely, but am not a member of CAW, nor have I had the pleasure of doing ritual with him. Corrections are in the works.

Coming up: I’ll be speaking at Portland Pagan Pride (September 7-8) and COAST’s Pagan Pride (September 15th). I am also going to be in Columbus, OH for the International Real Witches Ball October 26-28.

Fun stuff!

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