Making Positive Changes

Making positive changes requires a shift in perspective as well as positive reinforcement. Setting yourself up to succeed can take multiple pathways. One way is to journal support for your self. Take a little time to go through the following exercise. I think it will make the process of your change easier on many levels.

  1. List your best qualities
  2. List the happiest moments of your life so far
  3. List the obstacles that stand in your way
  4. List the words that define your personality
  5. List the things that make you feel powerful
  6. List the things you would change in your life if you could
  7. List the ways you can love yourself more.

Follow up to #1 — this list doesn’t have to be static! Add to it throughout the year, review it frequently, and no less than monthly. You are STARTING OUT with wonderful qualities, so the changes you are making are only adding to your wonderfulness!

Follow up to #2 — You live a beautiful life. Don’t lose sight of this list either.

Follow up to #3 — Cross out all of the things you listed that are absolutely out of your control (e.g.: “the sun rises every day“). Choose one obstacle within your own power, and tackle it *this week*.

Follow up to #4 — Do you use any negative language to describe yourself? Cross it out and find alternatives that are positive. For example, “judgmental” might instead be “discerning”.

Follow up to #5 — This is a list to look at DAILY. Print it out and stick it on your mirror; read it while you’re brushing your teeth. You are AWESOME and this list can remind you of your power.

Follow up to #6 — This list can feel daunting, but be honest and let it all flow out onto the paper. (The paper is your friend.) Similar to #3, above, choose one thing to change this week. By starting small we can create profound alterations, but we must start. You might change the day you do laundry so you have more time to put it away, or the time you exercise so you can be more consistent with building a habit. The key is to choose something to change, and then do so.

Follow up to #7 — I know, I know, this is nearly urpy. But many (most?) of us aren’t so good at loving ourselves. So take a minute or two to think about how you can do better. Maybe, go to bed a bit earlier so you get more sleep? Or get your toenails painted bright orange because it makes you happy? How about taking an evening and cooking a meal from scratch? It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it does need to make you feel good.

(with a boost of creativity from the 52 Lists Project from Moorea Seal)

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