One of the hardest tasks for me is finding the correct way to handle negativity directed at me. It is consistently a surprise when I encounter it, partly because I have been working so hard to transform my own critical/judgmental viewpoint into one that is more compassionate and positive.

So when a peer comes *this close* to calling me a liar (by more-than-inferring that I made it up) I am shocked. It simply wouldn’t occur to me to accuse another of lying. Incompetence, yes. Making a mistake, yes. But In either case I try to approach it from the ‘oops, now lets fix it’ side of the road. Because in the end, thats what needs to happen. Blame is often not helpful, expect to know what/where/who to fix. Note that I said fix, not punish.

Now, I am smart enough to recognize that my peer is doing a wonderful job of redirecting the energy so that I am the bad gal and I’ve had to devote way too much time to considering all that negative energy and what to do with it/about it.

In the end I realize that keeping myself balanced and aware of the delightful effects of mirrors is the answer. My job in this lifetime is to be the best person I can be at any given moment. If I have done harm, then I must do my best to atone for it, or take my karmic lumps if they arise. The rest of the time, its my duty to put out th energy I want to get back. Being balanced (hello clean chakras!) and strong on several planes (mostly: material, spiritual, emotional) will help me to put out what I want, not what my id wants. (Id wants to throw mud and get down into it for a screaming, punching cat fight. Good thing Id isn’t physically manifested.)

Send out the clean and healthy vibes, and that is what will be remembered in the end. I feel better already.

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