The big gift this year (yes, we celbrated Yule and opened presents today) was a trip to Paris. J and I are leaving at stupid early on Dec 30th (Tues), arriving in Paris stupid early on the 31st and returning home stupid late on the 5th.

After checking into our hotel (Grand Hotel St. Michel, right next to the Sorbonne) and likely having a bit of a nap, maybe wandering around the Latin Quarter (our neighborhood) and seeing the Jardin du Luxenbourg (the weather will help decide), we’re going out for dinner. Our reservations are at the lovely and intimate Le Tastevin for New Year’s Eve.

Jan 1st is a day when many places are closed, so we’ll spend the day wandering around the city looking at things. Notably, Notre Dame, Ile de la Cite, Ile St.Louis (the two islands in the middle of the Seine, birthplace of Paris — 2300 years ago[!])

Friday, Jan 2 we’re walking to the Louvre and spending the morning there, then its off to the historic Taillevent for lunch (12:30pm). We’re planning on walking back along the Champs Elysses (after seeing the Arc d’ Triomphe) and ending up at either the Louvre (round 2) or L’Orangerie — home of some of Monet’s most famous works.

Saturday we are having lunch (check in at 12:15) on the Bateux Parisiens — a 2+ hour cruise up the Seine leaving from the Eiffel Tower. To get there we’ll walk through the champs du Mars. Returning from the tour, we’ll visit the Esplanade des Invalides and visit the Rodin Museum. We’re hoping to arrange for dinner at a (famous) Bistro, but haven’t decided where yet.

On Sunday we are going to try and get to St, Sulplice which has a organ recital following the 10:30 mass. This will be followed by 1pm lunch at Le Cinq, another grand (and delicious) establishment. With a final visit to the Musee d’Orsay, we’ll have seen a small, but rich, slice of Paris.

It’s like a long weekend in the city of lights and I’m thanking the Powers that Be that we had enough airlines miles saved up to be able to fly for free. The meals are going to be outrageous, but worth it (given the outstanding appelations from previous visitors).

6 thoughts on “Paris!

  1. John

    Just to be clear to anyone reading – I do, in fact, win at girlfriend. Pretty sure I could take it at the Olympics, although there’s a guy in Kenya whose girlfriend is pretty good, too.

    Dear lord,


  2. Di

    I am envious – and THRILLED for you! I hope to go to Paris sometime in my 30s. Do take lots of photos and have an experience!

  3. lisa Post author

    Considering we took nearly 200 photos in our week in London (April, 2006), I suspect we’ll do the same again. I think we’re going to be eating our way around the city, so most of the photos may be of the food. And the architecture. There is something about buildings that are basically 10 times older than my COUNTRY that make me happy.

  4. John

    At the risk of a “me, too!” post, I’m with Lisa on the buildings. I think experiencing really *old* things helps me enormously with my sense of perspective.



  5. Di

    When I made my trip across the pond I actually didn’t get much chance to really LOOK at buildings, and when I was in Stonehenge it was mostly looking up and going…”huh.” I hope to go back and spend some time unsupervised – I think I’ll get much more out of the experience!

  6. lisa Post author

    wow. I’m afraid to go to Stonehenge — I worry that it just won’t be . . . special. Glastonbury, however, is quite high on my list for London 2.0.

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