24 thoughts on “PhotoHunt: Balanced

  1. RJ Flamingo

    But where’s the rest of the horse? πŸ™‚ Really – this is a stunning shot & perfect for the theme. Thanks for visiting me – have a great weekend!

  2. YTSL

    Aaaah, the British Museum… the first museum I visited and one that still has a very special place in my heart. πŸ™‚

  3. Gene

    Nice shot you got here. And look how strong the sculptured horse is. I’d like to visit a museum one of these days but I’m not sure if we are allowed to take photos of inside of it, sad but true.

  4. lisa Post author

    We were completely unprepared for the blase attitude the folks at the British had. Basically, you can take photos anywhere, with a few exceptions. Those exceptions are clearly marked, and its because the light might damage the piece. This is not the case in most American musuems I’ve been to. (sadly.)

  5. Bull Rhino

    Beautiful photo of a beautiful piece of art. I always enjoy getting around and seeing the different views of this weeks theme. Yours is great!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my PhotoHunt this week.

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