PhotoHunt: Lick

This week’s picture is this:

And there is a little story behind it. You see . . .

Our dog, Sasha (2 yr old, pure Lab) *loves* to lick our faces. She is known to climb up on top of my sweetie while he’s watching TV or reading (or sleeping!) and lick his face and head until he’s soaked. So a picture of that seemed like an easy one for this week.

Except that she didn’t want her picture taken. So I have a lot of pictures that look like this:

And the best one, is this:

16 thoughts on “PhotoHunt: Lick

  1. Mojo

    She looks a lot like my Tonka, but he’s (a) not pure Lab, (b)male and (c) not real big on the licking. (When you get kisses from Tonka, you remember it!)

    She’s a beauty.

    And the dog in my photo was a rescue dog at an adoption event. Quite the stud (figuratively speaking of course… all of the dogs in the rescue were spayed/neutered). His name was “Tuff” and he was a solid as a brick wall.

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