Post Chemo #1, Day 5

Day three was a real low, and I thought I was turning a corner (positively) yesterday.

In many ways, I was.

But in the evening I developed severe pain in all of my joints — similar to what you feel with a very bad flu. We called in to the oncologist and apparently this is a typical reaction to the taxotere . . . but a few days later than usual. (Who’s special? Lisa is special!) The oncologist recommended heavy-duty painkillers, so I am now on my old friend Dialudid. For a few days.

Loopy am I.

No work for me. The upside is that I was able to go for a walk (15 min) this morning, which just helps keep the fluids moving) and I’m feeling very good. And if I am bored, I don’t really care. 🙂

1 thought on “Post Chemo #1, Day 5

  1. azahar

    Sorry I haven’t checked in. Stupid of me. The first time is usually the scariest.

    Yes, you are being poisoned. Yes, it feels like crap and goes against everything we are built for (basically, to survive). To poison ourselves and then deal with the results is hard.

    It’s good that you are keeping track of your responses. There really isn’t anything to do but stay hydrated, rest as much as possible (naps!), and ride it out. Taking walks is also good, when you are up for it.

    Just pretend you’re a cat. And although you can’t purr, yoga breathing can help.

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