Samhain Ritual 2016

I don’t often mention my Samhain ritual here . . . I’ve written about it elsewhere (notably, The Virtual Pagan), and it’s very different from the one I’m usually doing with the class & coven. This  year I was simply solitary, and so I share with you my evening.

I began, as I so often do, with a change of altar. Personal circumstances manifested in a dark moon ritual the night previous, and some of those symbols need to remain on the altar for a period of time. So the altar took on a combination of elements, all harmonious in the end. (Sometimes I think my altar creations are actually the key to my magick even though they occur outside of the formal creation of sacred space.) The pomegranate sits comfortably atop my pentacle, my witch leans against the velvet pumpkin, my crying yogi asked to be on the altar again, and so Mercury must move to the side. My stones pile up in new ways, and my spell box asked to be opened.

Creating sacred space, I burned a new incense: clearing. It’s an old favorite, found no more in any shop and I do not know all of the ingredients to be able to reproduce it. So I burn it — not quite all that is left — with a sense of bittersweet enjoyment. The smoke, like all ephemera fills the room and then eases away. The sound a small sneeze alerted me to the presence of my cat atop the bookcase which houses my altar. He’s not pleased with all of the smoke and jumps down to curl up at the base of the case.My other cat senses the energy shift and comes in from elsewhere in the house. They don’t always like to be in ritual, but tonight they share my space.

I muse upon the past year: family issues were highlighted, as was the rejuvenation of JaguarMoon and the Art of Ritual class. Taking care of my Self was a new thread, one I am still working on. Gently, I take pride in my accomplishments; quietly I push a bit of energy towards those goals I will manifest in the coming year. Taking up my Book of Shadows, I record my thoughts and feelings and share my conversation with Them as it evolves, ending with all praise to Them for Their presence in my life.

The energy shifts, and I sense it is time.

Taking up my chalice, I bless the water therein. Taking up my offering dish, I bless the salt it holds. Tipping the salt into the water and stirring it with my finger, I evoke the magic of the two under the aegis of Them and then perform the Blessing:

I bless my feet that I may walk the path You sent before me

I bless my knees that I may kneel at Your altar

I bless my sex that all pleasure be Thine

I bless my belly, that my creations be in Your service

I bless my chest, formed in strength and beauty

I bless my shoulders, that I may bear the burdens of the world lightly

I bless my hands, that they may do Your work

I bless my lips, that I may sing Your praises

I bless my ears, that I may hear Your voice

I bless my eyes, that I may see You more clearly

I bless my third eye, that I may divine Your intent

I bless my Self, that I may be Your Priestess.

Now and ever more.

Blessed Be!

So Mote it Be!

And, as it has been for decades, I felt the peace of the Lord and Lady come over me and I was renewed.


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