Sasha Update: 13 months old

It’s been awhile since I posted any pics of Sasha as she is now. You may remember the ball of cuteness we got almost a year ago? Well, she’s definitely a dog now, all just-under 50 pounds of her. Apparently she just isn’t going to be very big, despite the fact that she manages to take up a good third of our king-size bed at night.

She just came home from a weekend at the kennel (Soos Creek, if you must know). She isn’t unhappy there, but doesn’t think it’s the best thing in the world. We’re not thrilled either, but there aren’t always alternatives as we travel via airplane in multiple connections. She’d be a WRECK if we tried to take her everywhere we go. It’s one reason we’re driving to SF for Turkey Time, she can be with us and we don’t mid the drive. (At least in theory.)

Without further prattling, here’s a link to the pics.

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