Sasha Update (Photos!)

It’s been a  month since we brought Sasha home and all is going well. She visited the office for a day, and loved it. How not? Everyone who visits her brings kibble and is incredibly impressed at her ability to sit, shake ‘paws’, lie down, and roll over. (Any tips on how to train her to ‘play dead are appreciated!)

Sitting Still

We had one big adventure when she discovered that the M:tG card boxes we were using to help her get into and out of her playpen were filled with cards. How far does 300 cards spread? The picture says it all.

Filled with Pride

She’s growing so quickly it is almost a little frightening. At 8 weeks she was 6.6 pounds. At 12 weeks, 15.6 pounds! Here’s a pic of her at about 10 weeks — midway (and learning to jump onto chairs!)

10 weeks

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