Sasha update!

What a difference modern medicine makes.

J. woke up this morning to find Sasha standing by the side of the bed, panting and wobbly again. Clearly the drugs wore off. We gave her another dose and offered water, she turned her nose up at it.

J. had to take the car for service (inspection due), so he left her with me. After about an hour of lying quietly, she indicated she wanted to go out. Once I carried her outside, she just stood there, then lay down in the grass. (Note, she hadn’t done her ‘business’ in about 16hours.) After a few minutes I carried her inside again. We did this in and out thing three times, and my back was starting to hurt. So I got a long towel, folded it twice and slung it under her chest. Lifting it and pulling forward, she walked.

Apparently she needed to know she wouldn’t hurt if she moved, because then she ran to the side of the house and up to the front door, then around to the back door — where J. had just come home (via the front door). She was all bouncy and happy and like her usual self. Then she did business (!!!)

When the meds wear off, she is in pain, but we’ve got a good cycle going and the vet feels that a week will allow the pulled muscle to heal.

So, we have puppy care, but its no longer so desperate. Thank goodness!!!!!

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  1. lisa Post author

    Ours does. which, of course, makes us wonder what we are doing ‘wrong’. The we have to reassure one another that sometimes things just happen. Our vet, however, says she’d like to send Sasha to see a specialist and have her neck scanned. She’s concerned about an ongoing condition that could mean a lot of trouble later on.

    We’re putting that off for now, we have a few months.

    But yes, Sasha is an expensive pooch.

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