Setting foot upon the path

“Don’t delude yourself. The minute you set foot upon the path of witchcraft, a call rings out in the unseen world announcing the fact of your arrival.”

-Paul Huson

In July of each year since 1997 I participate in an online class, the Art of Ritual. The first year I was a student, now I’m an instructor. This is a witchcraft 101 class, complete with rituals and mentoring.

Each year, the students start out eager and fresh. Each year their lives change. Each year I watch them be changed by the simple act of accepting magick into their life.

Some try to deny the changes, to stop them from happening. Those students have trouble, they struggle.

Others embrace the changes and I watch them blossom and grow.

Magick — whether you spell it with a k or not — is not easy. It requires a high level of self-knowledge and a willingness to accept that the Gods have tasks They want you to do.

This is the season of the witch, a time of transformation. I feel the tide of the harvest calming as we draw closer to the dreaming time.

What magick will you manifest?

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