Signal Boost: Tarot Reading

One item donated to help my friend’s financial situation* was a tarot reading by Melissa Tarot.

Melissa Tarot has been doing tarot and palm readings for 22 years.  She lives in the St. Louis area with her family and friends, and has been described as a ‘feminist, hippie, Pagan wackadoo’ – a title she bears proudly.  Melissa has been on Sirius Radio and often works with Catherine Chapman of Melissa’s Tarot Readings – I already know you want one.

Melissa writes: “My philosophy on tarot is that the cards do not reveal information that you do not already know (even if only on an unconscious level). I use tarot as a tool to tap the subconscious — your inner self, to reveal hidden knowledge, passions, fears, hopes, goals and dreams on the verge of fulfillment.

By asking for a reading from me you understand that I will abide by my own personal reading philosophy and no others.

I prefer to read in person or over the phone or via chat through Skype or google chat. By winning this auction you will be given contact information to  call or email to arrange an appointment for a reading.”

A typical reading is $45 for 30 to 45 minutes.

The item is listed on eBay for a starting price of $0.50 — please boost this signal and let people know that this BARGAIN is available and for a good cause.



Imagine having to spend $50,000 to keep your loved one safe from harm. My friend is having to do that after discovering that his ex-wife remarried a man who is a registered sex offender. He’s been to court three times this year to gain and keep custody of his seven year old daughter. If he loses, his daughter will spend time living in a home with a man who is a — let me say it again — registered sex offender.

A group of us are getting together and auctioning off items to raise money to help pay his legal bills. This is one such item.

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