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Facing North Update — August 2013

As August comes to a close, it always seems as if life speeds up. Perhaps its the looming start of the school year, or maybe the energy of the harvest pushing us forward.

We have a great collection of books reviewed this month — many of them in the ‘energy’ category.

The Chakras Made Easy
The Cry for Myth
Energy Medicine Technologies: Ozone Healing, Microcrystals, Frequency Therapy, and the Future of Health
Free Your Voice: Awaken to Life Through Singing
Imperfect Spirituality: Extraordinary Enlightenment for Ordinary People
Inner Alchemy Astrology: Practical Techniques for Controlling Your Destiny
Shaman Pathways: The Celtic Chakras
Tarot For Grownups
The Tradition of Household Spirits

Last month we offered:

Ancestral Path Tarot
Book of Rulerships: Keywords from Classical Astrology
Classical Solar Returns
Dream Raven Tarot
El Brujo (fiction)
Magical Times Empowerment Cards
Make Magic of Your Life
New Paths to Animal Totems
Skillful Grace: Tara Practice for Our Times
The Tarot Activity Book
Wiccan Celebrations

I hope the first harvest brought you joy!

June Update at Facing North

One of the largest collections of reviews of Neopagan/ Spiritual/ New Age oriented books, music, and other items of interest to our community has updated it’s offering.

June’s offerings include reviews of:
Living Temple of Witchcraft, pt 2
Worldshift 2012
Mala of the Heart
Weiser’s Field Guide to Cryptozoology
Weiser Field Guide to Ascension
The Mindfulness Code
The Compassionate Life
Emotional Wisdom
Single Woman of A Certain Age
The Way of the Crucible
The Flowering Rod: Men and Their Role in Paganism

We also have three excerpt/articles from Daphne Rose Kingma’s new book The Ten Things to do When Your Life Falls Apart.

As always we welcome your feedback. If there is something you’d like to see reviewed — let us know!

Opened on October 31, 2006 with just over 200 reviews, Facing North is — first and foremost — a community resource. We closed out 2006 with more than double our opening number of reviews (500+). Although we slowed our growth, 2007 ended with our database at more than 600 records, 2008 saw us at 900 and we edged over 1,000 by the end of 2009.

We are committed to creating a practical site with honest opinions that are fair, even when critical. A site that everyone in our diverse community can use. I always welcome your feedback and suggestions at: lisa_at_facingnorth.net.

Facing North Update!

Despite Mercury retrograde, Facing North has been updated! It’s a great collection (as always) of honest opinions about items of interest to our community. I’ve got an even dozen reviews of books, ‘tools’, and CDs, some old, some hot off the presses.

Michele Morgan and I did a fun interview a few months back, and that’s been posted for you to enjoy.

Mark Lesser wrote a couple of articles for me, each based on the idea that doing less means you’ll do more. It’s a groundbreaking idea in this day and age of busyness. My review of his book (Less: Accomplishing More by Doing Less) will be in next month’s update. I can tell you now that it is making em think very carefully about certain assumptions I’ve been making for a decade or more.

Brooks Palmer gave me a great article (Clutter Busting!) which feels timely for all of us looking at our spring cleaning rituals.

All in all, a nice bunch to add to one of the largest collections of reviews of interest to the Pagan and alternative spirituality community. (And yes, it is free.)

Check it out!