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2014 Projects: Blurb Book, London 2007

One of the main holiday gifts I gave my husband, J. last year was a couple of books through a company called Blurb. The first was from one from our trip to London back in 2007. What I learned more than anything? I needed a better camera (see an upcoming post). But I had a lot of fun culling through the 1000+ pictures we took (yay for digital pictures) and choosing the ones that meant something special to us, as well as being particularly interesting.

I thought you might enjoy it as well.

This link — London 2007 — will open a pdf of the book.

Pictures of London

When we first returned from our trip to London (April, 2007) we organized our pictures by environment and loaded them onto a website for all to share.

That website went away (bought out by Yahoo, I believe) and since the original process was more thna a little frustrting, we haven’t bother to redo the uploading into a new format.

Our family website (pitchwife.net) has a photo gallery and I spent an hour or so today uploading the 100s of photos we took. Here’s a link: http://www.pitchwife.net/component/option,com_morfeoshow/Itemid,59/