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Bit of an ICK post

The final session was overall good, but it took us a while to get started.

I began with my usual great session with my oncologist. Dr. H. continues to be a great person to work with.

My wbc (white blood count) was at 24.9 — so we were GOOD to go (remember, the ‘normal’ range is 4-10, so I have continues to be a powerhouse of health).

We ran into trouble actually finding a vein. Apparently I have ‘thick skin’ — not subcutaneous fat (I asked) but literally skin that is hard to push through. (Dad tells me he has the same type of skin). So it took almost an hour and four attempts to finally get a vein. Ouch is an understatement.

We ended up going with the vein in my right elbow. Its a good vein, but the danger of damage from a leak is much higher. I had to be careful not to bend my elbow and inadvertently block the drip.
Otherwise, it was my usual easy-peasey time. We talked, I drifted a bit. John and Dad hung out.

Last night we went to dinner at Melrose Grill (filet mignon and a perfect baked potato!) and walked Sasha.

Today I’m tired, very tired. I’m going to try and walk Sasha this morning, but its a tough call. Definitely with Dad (John’s at work) so I have back up if I need it.

It’s a slow recovery this time I think.

The ‘last one’ energy and excitement (and relief) hasn’t really hit yet. I’m sure I’ll be in a better mood when it does. Right now I’m already feeling the enervation that comes from being poisoned.

3 down!

Chemo #3 went just fine. No bad surprises.

In fact, I mentioned earlier that I was worried because I had a blood draw about 10 days ago and the number was VERY low (2.5). The MA said that I’d likely have to do a course of Nulestra (which forces the bone marrow to produce white blood cells). I don’t want to, at the least because it’s painful.

So I’ve been visualizing little factories in my bones, producing wbc’s at a high rate.

My blood draw today? 28.5 🙂 My oncologist said “keep it up.”

No Nulestra for me. We are good to go for the final chemo session on May 5th!