Ten Things I’d Save . . .

. . . if my house caught fire.

  1. J.  Of course he’s number 1.
  2. Sasha.
  3. My most recent computer backup. I backup monthly and it fits on a couple of disks, so this is easy.
  4. My jewelry – not because of its value so much as because several pieces are family heirlooms.
  5. My stone jaguar. Representing JaguarMoon and the first gift to me as a priestess . . . long after I began walking the path, but long before I began to lead others.
  6. My handmade athame. This was made for me by a special friend, and cannot be replaced.

That’s it. It will even fit easily into a pillow case.

Everything else in my life is basically replaceable, or too cumbersome to save. In the latter category, I have three tubs of memories going back to my childhood. I also have about 30 pieces of Belleek that is essentially irreplaceable. If I had time, I’d save them because the loss of those things is major. But I’d rather save my dog.

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