The Beltane Papers Needs Your Help

(Full Disclosure: I am the Book Review Coordinator for TBP)

The Beltane Papers, an all-volunteer magazine, has been in service to the Pagan Community for more than 20 years now. In that time it has weathered fair times and foul and succeed in producing a beautiful, scholarly journal of the Mysteries. Now, with the severe illness of the editor, Marione and a distributor’s bankruptcy (after we paid them $3, 000) Issue #38 hangs at the edge. The issue is complete, it is at the printers, and if we don’t find another $2000 we simply won’t be able to go to print (we need $4200, and have $2400, the additional $200 is to help with mailing costs).

We are reaching out to our community.

If you can spare even $5 it can make the difference between a success print and yet another Pagan magazine falling by the wayside. (How many of us still miss Green Egg?)

Major contributors’, individuals or businesses will be listed on our website and in a future issue with contact information (unless, of course, they request anonymity).

Our website ( has a link to PayPal, making a donation quick. But we can also accept checks at:
The Beltane Papers
P.O. Box 29694
Bellingham, WA 98228-1694

If all goes well, we will print and mail this issue.

But what about the future? Yes, we *are* looking to the future of this magazine. We can’t (and have no desire to) come begging to the community every time we need to make up the difference.
An immediate help would be an increase in the number of subscribers. We need to double the number of people receiving The Beltane Papers primarily because our printing costs would nearly halve. It would also allow us to work with larger distributors and you might actually see our beautiful magazine in more local stores.

We are also assembling an aggressive marketing campaign to reach out to new subscribers (and advertisers), but our editor’s illness has hindered our efforts in that direction. We expect this to be a one-time need, and we honor our responsibility to produce a beautiful, factual, fascinating Journal for our Community.

We look to our community for assistance, and are grateful for all help — even if it’s just spreading the word.
Thank you, profoundly.
the All-Volunteer Staff of
The Beltane Papers: A Journal of Women’s Mysteries

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