Unpacked . . .

. . . and nearly tidy to boot.

I promised pictures, and here they are.

First, the guest room:

Clean, calm. Just where you want to lay your head down for a nap, right?

Then, my office:

Makes you just want to come in and read in the sun for awhile, doesn’t it?

Then, John’s office:

He’s still unpacking (work hasn’t given him a lot of ‘down’ time).

Sasha likes where we’ve put her beds.

Speaking of beds, our bedroom:

Isn’t that blue restful? Between the color and the blackout shade, I swear I am sleeping better than I have in years.

This is the view into our bathroom:

sorry for the darkness, it was a bright day outside.

And this is the view from our bathroom:

Our sideboard goes beautifully outside the library, and holds ALL of our games.

Speaking of the Library . . .

We’re really happy with how well this room turned out. I mean, look at what you see from the bed . . .

and . . .

and we even have room to add more . . .

Finally, all of the China (aka ‘loot’) has a home:

Things look the same, otherwise.

5 thoughts on “Unpacked . . .

  1. Beth

    It’s very calming, and I LOVE the colors! All of the windows seem to bring in Nature from the outside. Very nice! 🙂

  2. lisa Post author

    Thank you! The colors were ‘luck’ in that we just chose off a paint chip. We’ve been about 90% successful with that . . . but when we aren’t — YUCK! And yes, the windows that face east look right onto green and nothing but. (The other windows face our neighbors, about 10 feet away. Such is the suburban life.)

  3. lisa Post author

    Since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of having a room just for books . . .a library. Now that I have one, I’m giddy.

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