We’re in!

The move went well, if long. I theoretically took the week afterwards off from work, but the reality was that I still ended up working almost every day, which made for long, busier-than-I-wanted days and a very tired me.

We had a few mishaps: the ‘swedish’ daybed didn’t fit – by ½”! – into the library, one bookshelf (one of the newest ones!) completely disintegrated, the china cabinet didn’t look ‘right’ where we originally placed it. John was shuttling art, electronics, and plants back and forth, and we frequently missed one another between the houses. But we worked everything out (John bought a saw and took an inch off the legs, we decided to buy a replacement, and we had the movers move the cabinet to an alternate location, where it did look right).

Here are the promised pics:

The library (did we mention that we painted it before the move with the same color that was in our old living room?)

Yeah, it’s not so bad in the living room. . . looks almost normal.

The kitchen is bad. We just discovered that the new place has only 2/3 the cabinet space of the old place. I’m daunted by the idea of putting it all away.

The bedroom was also pretty easy to put away. Recognize the curtains? They were in the living room of the old place during the winter.

So now we’re in, and settled. Sasha seems to be ok with it and has picked out where she wants her beds to be.

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