When I die

I’ve been ruminating about this post since Azahar first brought the topic up in mid February. I’ve been holding off writing it becuase I really didn’t want to freak y’all out. (Isn’t that nice of me?)

In 2009 I finally completed writing my Last Will & Testament. (Good timing, huh?) It took five years, which is an absurdly long time for me. It took that long because I couldn’t think of a solution to how to pass along the intellectual property in my life. Not just the books, the articles, the essays and other writings, but also Facing North and — most importantly — JaguarMoon. You see, I created that Tradition.

Who would inherit it? Who would see it kept intact while still remaining viable? The text is already in the hands of my HP and the HPS and Elders of the daughter coven, Southern Cross, so I am not afraid of it being lost. I’m afraid of it being imperfectly preserved and its history lost. How would I write this up in a way that would allow the Law and the State to let it happen without penalty or misunderstanding.

Neil Gaiman, of all people, came to my rescue with his post about creative people creating a will for themselves. I downloaded the Simple Will and modified it for my use.

I made my partner, J., the executor. I gave my ritual paraphernalia and occult library to my HP as well as ownership of the legacy of JaguarMoon. I made my sister (the Intellectual Property lawyer), J. my HP and one other member of JaguarMoon Trustees of my creative properties. Together they will decide how to publish, re-publish, and make available my work for the greatest good.

I expect the names to change over the years (except my sister and J.), and my specific bequests may alter with time. In the moment, however, my creative life is preserved, and will be available to the community online for a long time to come.

3 thoughts on “When I die

  1. azahar

    Interesting! Especially as I still haven’t done anything about this. Have just downloaded the simple will. Thanks!

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