Why I am lucky in my friends. . .

It began with a pun about Tattoo that led to an involved discussion of Fantasy Island, mostly for the benefit of a friend from South Africa who’d never heard of the show.

  • Ricardo Montalban was identified as Khan from Star trek 2 (“Khan!!!!!”)
  • What exactly is Corinthian leather, and what makes it fine? (In retrospect, I’m impressed none of made a Sandman connection.)
  • Was Mr. Rourke an angel, or an incarnation of God?
  • Roddy McDowall made a fine ‘devil.’
  • Fantasy Island is a lot like Love Boat, but the point wasn’t coupling, so much as realizing one’s true desires and manifesting them.

We went to a description of the hilarious SNL skit with Patrick Stewart as the Captain (Star Trek: The Love Boat) but resisted actually watching it. (Please understand, theoretically we were playing a game and so had tasks to accomplish. Theoretically.) From there we had to watch the hilarious but really seriously awful ‘Kitty Bath‘ sequence. JC nearly wept with laughter and couldn’t breathe for a few minutes.

Somehow we ended up with JG telling us about the guy who got sued for selling Dragon Meat sausages “because they don’t have real dragon meat in them,”and ended with DM sharing his one up: The used car salesman who had commercials showing the ‘used car factory’ and was sued by an angry customer.

I love my friends.

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