Words of Me: Two

Creating a kind of mission statement.

1. My mind, body and soul are very important to me. I promise to take care of them by…

Treating my body with respect for the hard work it does so elegantly. Cherishing its strength and helping it achieve its best level of health. Feeding my brain art, literature, music, and puzzles to keep it sharp and active. Filling my soul with art and music, and beauty so that I might maintain my divine connection with the Lord and Lady.

2.  I know I was put on Earth to….

  • Teach others to view the world critically without losing trust and having faith.
  • Be an example of modest success and integrity.


3.  When I pass from this world I want others to remember these very good things about me…

  • My ability to rationalize anything.
  • How I gave difficult concepts accessible descriptions.
  • My ability to help, without making them feel helpless.


4. When I do these things I know I am the Best me I can be…

When I can hear difficult news and then put my ego aside to assist the other in their need.


5. I need to avoid these things in order to be the TRUE ME…

  • Judgment without discernment, or justice.
  • Paying too much attention to my inner critic


6.  “Being Me” happens when I take time to do my favorite things…

  • Being with my husband
  • Traveling
  • Sharing time with friends
  • Teaching


7.  I am my very best self when I can spend my work life doing these things…

  • Executing projects from ideas to completion
  • Constantly improving systems, processes, policies, and offerings to create a rewarding work life for everyone in the company
  • Creating order from chaos


8. I have BIG DREAMS and I know if I spend my time doing these things I will live them…

  • To host the largest repository of reviews of spiritual items on the web
  • To qualitatively improve how (alternative) spiritual groups are run
  • To live in other countries for months at a time


9.  My Talents are…

  • Seeing the details and projecting forward with plans to identify potential pitfalls before they manifest.
  • Believing in the ‘best’ in each person and expecting them to manifest that into the world


10. and I will use them…

  • To improve the environment in which I live, work, teach, and inhabit in any way.
  • To work with the people I meet along my journey through life and help them manifest their best Selves.


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