The muse came and sat with me a few times these last weeks, and as a result I now have several (paying even!) projects completed.

The first is another participation in an anthology, this time on Wealth Magic. The cheerful Taylor Ellwood (prolific author extraordinaire and editor at Immanion Press) is putting this one together and I’m pleased with my contribution.

Actually, I’m always pleased with my writing, even when it gets rejected.

As well,  I have two articles that will appear in an upcoming Herbal Almanac (from Llewellyn) and another two in that publisher’s Witches Companion (which was once the Wicca Almanac). Yay for me!

And before I forget, If . . . Journal published an article by me in issue #105 (Cyber Spirituality) about finding a teacher online. I believe you can read it here. This, btw, is a great little monthly journal with a variety of articles and viewpoints.

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