You haven’t missed much . . .

. . . I just got too busy to write for awhile, which is a little strange. Not the too busy part, but the not writing part. Although, I am working on a writing project, more on that in 2020 when I’ve found a publisher. Every day, for at least an hour, I’m writing. My goal is a chapter-like-subject every week. According to my outline I’ll be done next summer.

A lot of November was spent in getting the new class up and running, along with the energy of new coven members. It’s been a long time since I’ve had so many people in meetings, and there is so much to impart. I feel like I have seven years to get the coven ready for being a legacy, and the class as well. This year the coven will be looking into intersectionality and deepening our sense of coalition and inclusivity. I’ve long wanted to step further beyond the gender duality dynamics we inherited and while we may not accomplish that this year, I can see it happening organically as we do this work.

2019 was a very stagnant year for me, and I’m trying to organize and strategize my way into a better level of productivity and health. I hit a new high weight wise and am struggling with that as it comes after a time of focused participation on exercise and better eating habits. I’m eating better quality food (almost no processing, lots of homemade & organic ingredients), lots more exercise, and even better sleep (go CPAP machine, go!) and yet I’ve gained 20 lbs since the summer. It feels so futile. But despair is the true killer, so I’m moving forward with even more changes.

As part of that I’ve started a daily yoga sequence. It’s tiny for now, but will grow over the year. I think J. and I are also going to join the local gym. I’d like to get back into swimming and weight lifting; it will also make walking more accessible during these rainy and cold months. No excuses!

I failed to read all 200 books on the Sci Fi and Fantasy lists (there will be a separate post about my final books), but I got darn close at 150 books before I just couldn’t read fast enough. Not to mention that I just can’t help but read lots of other books! I’ll try to finish the lists in 2020 and I am very glad I made the attempt. There were books I read that I never would have picked up on my own, and a number of them are parts of series, so I’ll have a tidy list to achieve over time.

Looking ahead, 2020 looks like it will be a much quieter year. Odd how stagnant doesn’t mean quiet, isn’t it? We don’t have big trips, although we do have a lot of local traveling and entertainment in store for us. We trying out a new thing: a year of dates. I came up with 6 months’ worth, J. will do the other six. January has three events, just because. 🙂

May the coming year bring you renewed energy for your projects!

detail from Acropolis Wall copyright Lisa Mc Sherry


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