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Many Blessings

Last night, in JaguarMoon’s Temple, we birthed a daughter — Southern Cross.

It was a magickal event that went far better, and far more beautifully than I expected (having crazily written the ritual a mere two days before). After Dedicating our newest member, we turned our attention to raising the energy and focusing it, until we manifested our daughter.

I am truly blessed.


We seem to have moved from a wet spring to an overly hot summer in a day. Mostly, its cope-able (the ceiling fans are a lifesaver), but my younger cat (Shasta) has taken to vomiting in the afternoon. Since its only then, its likely heat-related. But she doesn’t display the other symptoms of heatstroke (dizziness, bright red/purple mucus membranes, wheezing, excessive fur licking) so I am remaining calm.

I spent almost an hour talking with author Denise Dumars (Be Blessed is her newest pagan-related work, Dark Archetypes [with Lori Nyx] was another). Greta lady, interesting conversation. She gave me some pointers about publishing with NP and we discussed the state of the publishing industry. She even asked to read a draft of Magickal Connections and to write a blurb!

:::happy me:::

Yes, I still get happy at being ‘recognized’ as an author and taken seriously. Its related to my innate self-depreciation (bad grammar: you can’t have any other form of self-depreciation, can you?). But its not an ‘issue’ so much as a natural sense of modesty.

Enough self-indulgence, back to work….

Dear Diary….

It’s going to be in the 90s today, pushing the envelope of tolerable for me. We had celing fans installed two weeks ago, today we’ll see how well they work.

Otherwise, I’m exhausted. The company moves next Saturday, and I’m in the final stages of the push towards the end. We have (as can be expected) some last minutes structrual changes in the new space, and if the timetable wasn’t full of about a week’s worth of slack, we wouldn’t make it. I’ve planned well, however, and I have pros all around, so I think we’ll do it. The details are taken care of, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t forgotten anything huge at this point. (That was last week’s worry.)

The book is coming along. This last week I had the pleasure of contacting a number of author acquaintances and asking them if they will read Magickal Connections (formerly: Magkical Group Dynamics) and provide a blurb. Almost all have agreed to do so — an ego boost of major proportions! — and many wanted to read the whole thing. Very cool for me. (Excuse me while I purr, will you?  puuuuurrrrrrrrr….) Its still in rough form after being STUFFED with 30,000 extra words, and I lack things like attributions and there’s a whole section that I lifted from the web that I’m deciding whether to keep, re-write to make completely relevant, or quote from (with permission, of course).

I am so very blessed by having support for my work. My desire now is to create a document worthy of the community I participate in.

Solstice Joy

As is our wont, we gathered just before 7pm (PT) and prepared for our Solstice ritual. In former years, we followed a ritual handed down from ShadowMoon. That ritual celebrated the Lady in all of Her glory.

Then, last year, one of our coven members (Daystar) metaphorically raised his hand and said, “um… excuse me, but .. where’s the God?” He was right — we celebrated her, in all of Her summer glory and bounty, but virtually ignored Him. At the height of his power, even. (Lo, the blindness and forgiveness!) Daystar and I discussed the ritual and made a massive change: it became a Drawing Down the Sun ritual with a metaphorical battle between the Oak King and Holly King as the Triple Goddess looks on. For various reasons, I drew the sun down in ’05 and it was an amazing experience.

This year, Daystar drew down — to my immense pleasure and pride. If you’d told him a yera ago that he would be doing this, he would have laughed, and then run as far as he could get away. This year he asked me if he could do it. Sweet — GLORIOUS — transformation. I am so proud of him and the work he is doing.

Everyone wanted to talk to the God, even I. Don’t get me wrong, I talk to the God/dess all the time throughout my day (and yes, they do talk back, but I’m not delusional). But having the chance in ritual to so is special to me — I’m usually the one aspecting and its a little tricky to maintain both roles well. I heard what I needed to hear, and it was clear that He was speaking, not Daystar. (Different intonation, ‘feel,’ tonality…)

Magickal, mystical and momentous.

Returning to Health

On Friday (June 2nd) I went to see my chiropractor for the first time in more than five years. He’s a nice guy who works in downtown Seattle, and has changed little since the last tiem I saw him.  His practice has changed, however and he does a lot of mental/energy work along with the adjustments.

Turns out that my recent ‘buzzing’ sensation along the outside of my arms is linked to a trauma when I was 12. I can’t describe to you the process he used to find that out, but suffice it to say that when he counted down to that age I swayed and almost lost my balance (after a brief sway for age 28). It was utterly amazing. My body literally spoke to me about what it was feeling. The perfect thing for this skeptic to experience.

His adjustment (before the energy work, which was a kind of ‘resetting’ of the bio-computer so the adjustment wouldn’t be immediately UN-adjusted) was intense, and nearly painful.

I felt great all weekend. Muy Thai on Saturday was a lot of fun (although I overdid it and injured my hip again, but it healed up by Sunday) and the first time John and I have managed to make the same session in too long. Best of all: no buzzing.

Exploring themes

I’m a user, not a creator and the ability to change the look of this site with the click of the mouse is fascinating for me. I spent far too much time today looking for and downloading themes by others (check the site credits at the bottom of the page if you want to know who did what).

And, of course, I want to make changes (in the font type, or the size) small, but persistent. I see, this is how the devil gets you. Or, at least its how he gets me.