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Smoking Cessation Products Nearly Free

I have 2mg Commit mint-flavored lozenges (144 in 6 containers, from a package of 168 total) and 7mg patches (a box of 14, unopened) and I can’t seem to get rid of them locally (Seattle, WA). They seem like odd items to give to Goodwill. So I’m reaching out to basically everyone I know to offer them up for the cost of shipping plus $5. Just email me (lisa _ at_, properly edited, of course.)

Or, if you have a suggestion for a place to donate to, let me know.

Feel free to spread the word.

Apparently, The Humane Society is Stupid

As y’all know, a few weeks ago, I wrote a bluntly scathing letter to the Humane Society letting them know that I strongly disapprove of their ‘free blanket’ campaign to raise funds.

Yesterday I got another blanket thing from them. This one is even better — it’s in a plastic envelope. So now I get to add ‘bad for the environment’ to my next scathing letter. Which will go out tomorrow at the latest.

Luckily, both of these blankets will go to help dogs at the local shelter. Along with a bunch of Sasha’s old (and still good) chew toys the like. (She quickly outgrew the ‘puppy’ kongs, which will make a small dog or another puppy quite happy.)

Wednesday Silliness: Sasha with ‘duck’

Because this picture makes me laugh.

She really doesn’t like her picture taken, for one. For another, she doesn’t understand why J. is taking so long to throw the duck into the water so she can keep playing!

The white rope is about 6 ft long and attached to her collar. We need it because sometimes she likes to play ‘keep away’ and that is not acceptable.

Sunday update

I’m hurrying to write this before my dilaudid ‘kicks in’ and I become illiterate once again.

I think I got an infection in my breast yesterday — it was hot to the touch, slightly swollen, and red, like sunburned. We called my surgeon (they have a service that puts you through to him directly if he can take the call — very cool) and he put me back on an antibiotic. Took two last night, along with a lot of visualization, and I’m noticeably better today. Whew. (The only ‘fix’ for an infection with a breast implant is to remove the implant and wait several months for the tie to heal, and then re-insert the implant. NO WAY.)

I’ve been feeling a lot of pain, even with dilaudid, and so I’ve been using the hypnotic WAV my psych. taped at our last session. It’s a profound difference. I’m starting to alter it to add in ‘you will feel less pain each day as you heal completely’ because the dilaudid runs out tomorrow and I already know that OTC drugs are not going to work.

But I will be so glad to get off the narcotic. I like the lack of pain, but hate the side effects of fuzzy thinking, lack of motivation, and physical  . . .  blockage. (I don’t want to say more, but its the most common side effects of narcotics, ok?)

I’m looking forward to going for a walk, maybe even two today. That will be a big step forward. Ambien is working to help me sleep, so I’m back to 8+ hours/night, thank goodness. Soon normality will return. At least for a while.

Surgery v2, The Next Day

My surgery went very well . . . I think. I was unconscious for most of it. 🙂 My anesthesiologist was incredibly good. And I must say  that if you or any member of your family needs reconstructive work done in this area (cosmetic or otherwise) this place is highly recommended.

Yesterday and now today I *am* in a lot of pain, but that’s just a part of what needs to happen. I won’t know how I really *feel* until next week. I have a followup on Tuesday morning — and NO SHOWER until then!

I was taken into the OR at about 8am, and John was brought back to see me in the recovery room about 11:30am. Not too much later we were at Starbucks having a latte and egg sandwich on pumpernickel while my ‘scrips got filled. Home ’round 1pm and then I went to sleep for a few hours while John took Sasha swimming.

VERY different from the first procedure. Of course, I was on such heavy meds the 1st time that I didn’t hurt at all, and that’s not the case now. Oh well. The pain will pass.

OK, enough typing. I’m off to read a book.

Thanks for the well wishes