Monthly Archives: March 2016

Current and Future Goals and Dreams

(To be revisited in six months, around my birthday.)


Peri-menopause is proving to be more difficult than I expected, although why I thought it would be another else, I’m not sure. Having spent two years attempting to get in better shape I find myself at the same place, nearly, that I was post-chemo. This (literally) depressing. (A mental state I wrestle with far too often to be healthy.)

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How To Control Stress, Some Thoughts

You can’t.

I’ve spent the last three years in a job that used to be fun and occasionally stressful, but rewarding, but is now very stressful and holds me with golden handcuffs. I know I’m stressed, my expanding middle and over-burdened adrenaline system tell me that, nearly constantly.

I keep waiting for the job to calm down, so I can get a handle on it.

A few weeks ago, as I was lying on a massage table getting work done because my low back was in pain (surprise surprise) I had a tremendous realization. The job isn’t going to change; I will never get a handle on it. I need to change my reaction.

So, I can’t control work, but I can control my response to it.

I’m pretty sure this is not news to the world. But I’m putting it out there because I don’t want to lose track of this realization, it’s pretty important for me.

Organizing the Library

Next in our year of organizing was the library.

First of all, we looked through the house and found the books that were ‘living’ elsewhere and brought them into the room. Then we went through our books, shelf by shelf and decided to keep (or not). This took most of Saturday, and resulted in three large bags of books going out to be sold. ($45!)

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