Monthly Archives: August 2016

Difficult Situations

A conversation on another thread reminded me of a recent event I thought I’d share.

I do a monthly ‘coaching’ session with my assistant. It’s an hour that opens with my asking her what the most important topic on her mind is, and we go from there. (A bit of background, she’s in her first office job, and in her early 20s. She’s GREAT at what she does and an awesome admin, these sessions are wide ranging so that we both share and she gets maximum input.)
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My Lammas Ritual

The first harvest Feast of the year!

I began by taking down my summer altar and re-newing it in honor of the day. Then I baked a loaf of honey bread with full intentions and gratitude infused into the dough all throughout the process. Finally, I cleansed the house, opening all of the doors and windows and making sure light got into every corner. The sweet smell of summer was magickal, and everythign felt so much fresher for the new air everywhere.

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Reflecting (Self-Absorbed)

It must be my birthday soon, I’m being more introspective than usual.

I’m having a tough time, mostly around abstract-yet-relevant concepts of ‘health’.  Seven years ago (give or take a day) I was told that I have breast cancer, and my world ||SHIFTED|| in an instant. I’m still uncovering the changes, like an archeologist on a tidy and clean site (no dust in my corners!) who keeps unlocking hidden compartments.

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Full Moon Ritual Calling for Divine Retribution

In the evening of July 19th, I captured the last energies of the Capricorn full moon before she moved below the horizon.

Capricorn is a time for setting long range goals and acknowledging past accomplishments (on the personal level) as well as paying special attention to security, duties, and obligations.  Ruled by Saturn, the planet of karma and authority, I wanted to invoke and direct those energies to manifest responsibility and a kind of ‘instant’ karma in those who have stepped outside the bounds of their role as Officers of the Law.

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Narratives: Leo the Dog

trigger warning: sad pet story; peripheral violence

He came to us just a tad over three years ago, having spent the last three months in a high kill shelter in Merced, CA, then in two foster homes. When he left the 2nd one he watched out the rear view window for hours. We didn’t know anything about him except that he hated cameras, it was really hard for the shelter to get pictures of him to post. The two fosters told us he was a sweetie and mellow, even low energy. They tagged him as an Aussie-Border Collie mix.

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