Full Moon Ritual Calling for Divine Retribution

In the evening of July 19th, I captured the last energies of the Capricorn full moon before she moved below the horizon.

Capricorn is a time for setting long range goals and acknowledging past accomplishments (on the personal level) as well as paying special attention to security, duties, and obligations.  Ruled by Saturn, the planet of karma and authority, I wanted to invoke and direct those energies to manifest responsibility and a kind of ‘instant’ karma in those who have stepped outside the bounds of their role as Officers of the Law.

The idea for this ritual has been brewing for a long time. Any time I felt helpless in the face of another shooting, another death, another case of the Law being ignored or eviscerated to placate the small-minded clinging to fear by those who would ‘protect and serve’, I would consider how a spellworking might happen. You see, I believe that a witch’s power is awesome, and can work miracles. I also believe that a witch can curse as well as heal (to paraphrase and old Craft saying). Moreover, there are times when a witch MUST curse to protect the community.

The key, I believe, is to be specific in one’s intent and not go outside one’s authority. One must as be willing to accept that there may be negative reprecussions, even karmic ties created as a result of the Work done. Ours is a religion of responsibility, and it can be a choice to accept the reprecussions in the name of protection, or a higher good. Capricorn’s link to Saturn seemed like an ideal time to do such a ritual.

I began with a shower followed by anointing my feet and hands with cypress oil (to honor the dead) and then lit sandalwood incense (to temper greed and aggression).
During the casting of my circle and sacred space, I used language inviting the qualities of balance, justice, and responsibility to come to the fore in the elements. For example, the East was called as the ray of sunshine illuminating the dark, stagnant places, the imagery that of the burst of the sun’s light as it emerges from behind the mountain’s peak in the early morning. The South was called as the crackling bonfire consuming that which no longer serves its purpose.
I then called upon Athena and Zeus in Their aspects of Protectors of both men (people), oaths made, and the State (or settlement).
When I felt I had Their attention, I stated my intent:
I call upon you, Elements and Guardians, Athena and Zeus
to aid my Working.
I ask that justice be visited upon
those who would violate the safety of those in their care
those who kill them who they should protect
those whose fear leads them to attack others

This is the list of their dead, and those who killed them
(I then listed the names of those killed in 2016, and their murderers. This took a long time, but as I did so I could feel the energy building.)

Holding the energy built I cried:
They have violated their responsibilites
as Leaders
as Officers
as Politicians
as Role Models

Their deeds have violated the community.
Their actions have wounded Your children.
Their works have desecrated our persons.

I ask that You bring them the exact measure of punishment that their deeds require. No more, no less.
Let the world see them as the cowards they are.
Let their deeds be vilified.
Let justice prevail!
As I will, and with Your blessing
So Mote it Be!
(and released the energy)

Still within circle, I waited. This was the time for Them to tell me . . . anything.

What I heard was:
Darkness envelopes the light, a dance of birth, death, and rebirth.
Continue the Work.
Continue what you do.

With reverence I thanked Them and bid Them farewell. The Guardians were thanked and farewells made.
The circle was opened, and I felt satisfied.

I was not promised an outcome, but I felt i had made a difference. I’d called upon the God/dess and S/He was now directly involved. My words weren’t poetry, they were direct, and blunt.

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