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We Made It!

And even slept.

Our only delay was on the flight leaving SeaTac, which had to be de-iced. Denver and Washington were both a mild 50 degrees and we had no issues at all.  We both napped on the short legs, and got a solid 3 or so hours of sleep on the segment over the Atlantic. The Business/1st Class section was very empty, and we got a lot of personalized attention from our steward. He brought me wine from 1st class to drink “as a tasting”

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The Wiccan Rede

One of the few written documents most witches acknowledge[i], The Wiccan Rede is an ethical guideline in the form of a poem.

Tracing The Influences

The first written reference to the ethics of a Wiccan is a passing reference in Gerald Gardner’s The Meaning of Witchcraft:

. . . the morality of the legendary Good King Pausol, “Do what you like so long as you harm no one”. But they believe a certain law to be important, “You must not use magic for anything which will cause harm to anyone, and if, to prevent a greater wrong being done, you must discommode someone, you must do it only in a way which will abate the harm.[ii]”

What Pausol actual said was:
“I. Do no wrong to thy neighbor.
II. Observing this, do as thou pleasest.[iii]”

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Dear Whomever Thought It Was A Good Idea To Call and Wish Us a Merry Christmas at 6:30am:

It wasn’t.

I’m not sure if you’re family. I would apologize for telling you that you called a wrong number and hanging up on you IF you had done something other than giggle and wish me a merry christmas after I said Hello. As I said, I would apologize, even if I didn’t mean it.

The fact that you called back within a minute means that it wasn’t a wrong number, and the thing that saved you from a very unpleasant conversation with me is that J got to the phone first.

Have you no sense?

How would you feel if I called just before I decided to go to sleep on New Year’s Eve (approximately 2:30am EST), just to wish you a Happy New Year?

*snarl* Where’s the coffee?

Pictures of London

When we first returned from our trip to London (April, 2007) we organized our pictures by environment and loaded them onto a website for all to share.

That website went away (bought out by Yahoo, I believe) and since the original process was more thna a little frustrting, we haven’t bother to redo the uploading into a new format.

Our family website ( has a photo gallery and I spent an hour or so today uploading the 100s of photos we took. Here’s a link:,com_morfeoshow/Itemid,59/



The big gift this year (yes, we celbrated Yule and opened presents today) was a trip to Paris. J and I are leaving at stupid early on Dec 30th (Tues), arriving in Paris stupid early on the 31st and returning home stupid late on the 5th. Continue reading

Homemade Gifts: Pumpkin Butter

I enjoy making and giving (the giving more than the making, truth be told) homemade gifts every year. For one thing, it allows me to sidestep the consumeristic merry go round of the holiday season, for another, it allows me to give soemthing special to people I might normally be unable to express my appreciation for (like, my boss).

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