Monthly Archives: March 2012

It’s been a good week

I know it can seem like I complain a lot here, but I figure there’s only a handful of people reading, and they’re here because they love and know me.  The weather is crappy, Mercury is retrograde, and there’s been a low-grade illness hovering around . . .

That said, I’ve had a great week, and I am feeling incredibly good today. For the first time in weeks, I made it to all of my exercise classes. I got pushed — hard – in Muay Thai on Thursday and felt great about going again today. How to put this . .  I feel GOOD. Oh, I’m sore and all that, but I feel GOOD. My blood got flowing and I’m doing well, and my form is excellent, and everything is doing well.

It’s been so damn long since I could say anything like that. Too damn long. Years, really.

So I’m going to go make a blueberry buttermilk cake to take to game tonight. I’ve already made my Dad’s birthday gift (just a little something — but I need to mail it before the wedding), done some laundry, and have some beef marinading for the boeuf bourguignon I’lll be making tomorrow.

It is a really good day.

Before I Kick the Bucket . . .

(posted two days later because my entire list was deleted.)

Did you know that the phrase ‘bucket list’ come from the term ‘kicked the bucket’? I didn’t until I just looked it up (thank you interwebz). I’m home today, hanging out and keeping Sasha (kind of) calm while we have gutter guards installed on our house. I’ve got work to do, but I’ve been at it for three hours already (and its only 9:30am), and I’m taking a break. A recent pin (on Pinterest) “5 Things That Should be on Your Bucket List” got me thinking. I don’t even have a bucket list. Do I want one?

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Nine Years

Today is our nine year anniversary. Amazing to think its been that long. I know that much of the reason we are still together is because of his strength and unwavering faith that I am ‘the one’ during the times when I was not so sure. And since we’re actually getting *married* this year, it’s like we’ve done the hard work already.

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