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Ashland, Day Three

Another great night of sleep, and a lovely breakfast at the Inn.

Today we had orange-banana smoothies, followed by a melon cup with dried cranberries and sunflower seeds. The main course was a light salad of spring greens, toasted cheese bread and a souffle of asparagus, bacon and blue cheese. Quite tasty. We chatted with the innkeeper about restaurants and got into a cheerful debate about the plays we’d seen.

Then I scooted off to my spa pampering session across the street at the Blue Giraffe Day Spa. I began my day with a Kamani body wrap, which left my skin smooth smooth SMOOTH. Then upstairs for a manicure and pedicure, all of which was accompanied by massages. I feel quite pampered now, thank you.

I’m home for a few hours while J. sees another play (Well), and then its off to dinner at Amuse. We’ve been told its the best restaurant in Ashland, and we’re going to test that out.


Given the upcoming hair crisis, I’m looking at getting ‘cute little hats’, which I have always liked. On Wednesday I stopped by Pike Place Market, and got a lovely green velvet and silk squishy hat that I like very much but fear may end up being too big.

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Ashland, Day One

We drove in a straight shot yesterday, leaving around noon and ending up in our room by 7:30 — which is incredibly good time for stopping three times for food, gas, and/or liquids.¬† (Sasha, of course, went for a walk at each stop.)

I’d made a torta from our leftovers, and it made a nummy meal. (That’s another post.)

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The End of an Era!

Today, at a crucial moment, the end of an era arrived. My food processor, a sturdy though not-much-used workhorse died.

I was pulsing flour and butter together for a few seconds at a time, barely starting the task to make dough. It just went ‘click’ and then¬† . . . nothing.

Needless to say, I had to finish by hand. (Ouch.)

I guess now I need to decide how much I was actually using that food processor, and for what. Do I really need to replace it? Will a replacement be better, and make me use it more?

Hmmm . . . .

EDIT: The reason its the end of an era is that I got this appliance in the early ’90s. So, I’ve had 20 years out of it.

February Facing North Update

Spring is coming and we’ve updated our offerings!

To start, we have two articles. The first is from Connie Domino, MPh, RN, and talks about leaders and forgiveness. The second is from Lawrence Ellyard and disccuses the seven steps to recession-proofing your natural therapy business.

Then we have ten new reviews, our usual mix of items of interest to the community. Two older books by Lupa are reviewed by Daven, along with my first book, The Virtual Pagan.

Hot off the presses, we have reviews of Crafting a Magical Life, Creating Trance & Hypnosis Scripts, 7 Great Prayers, The Magician’s Way, Voudou Money Magic, and Forbidden Rites. Rounding all of this out is a review for the CD Dancing with Hecate from our newest reviewer, Katsai.