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Sometimes, Writing is Hard

A big part of my new life is that I’ve had to step back from being directly, constantly involved with the Art of Ritual Class and JaguarMoon. Being hours ahead (as much as eight) of everyone made how I used to do things almost impossible. So when I knew it was real that I would be moving to Portugal, I asked the coven to step up.

And they have, beautifully.

(Umm… Lisa? I thought you were going to talk about writing?)

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Exciting times coming

I’ve got a release date and (pretty firm) title for the new book! A Witch’s Guide to Crafting Your Practice will be released October 2022. I’m quite excited, and hoping to put together a book launch around that time.

As well, my new website — — will launch on January 3rd. Meant to be a single source for all of my projects, these blog posts will ‘port over there.

Happy New (Calendar) Year!


Crafting Your Practice

I’m pleased to be able to announce that I have another book being published!

Crafting Your Practice is due out from Llewellyn Worldwide in Fall 2022 and I’m quite pleased with the manuscript submitted. Aimed at those of us who know we want an alternative spirituality but feel overwhelmed by the sheer tonnage of information available. It’s a distillation of the most basic principles of creating a magical practice for oneself.

Stay tuned for more details as they unfold!

Futuristic Flowers

There are so many amazing artists in the world. This is one I would have loved to use for the cover of The Virtual Pagan 2.0:

Its called “Futuristic flowers” and was created by Kristin Meyer. Check out her site at:



Current and Future Goals and Dreams (2020-21)

Each year I like to look back over the previous year, and then set goals for the coming year. Many people do this on Jan 1st; I prefer to do it on my birthday. I often refine the accomplishments and goals until my new year, Samhain, but the bulk of the work is done on or around my birthday.

To see last year’s post, click HERE.

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