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Smowmaggedon 2012 Update

We’re still without power (have been since Thursday morning). According to PSE, power should be restored either late this evening, late tomorrow evening . . . or late Wed evening. depending on whether we live in the ‘Renton area,’ ‘Kent area,’ or ‘East Kent area’. *sigh*

The Tanzy’s gave us shelter last night (mucho thanks!), we’re going to have to reassess and make plans for tonight. I’m going to continue to hope that it will be sooner rather than later. It’s not like we’re stuck inside — the roads are clear and we can easily get around. It’s just a bit boring — and very cold (50*) in the house. We need candles (a ‘to do’ for today).

No power means no phones, btw. So if you’ve been trying to call, that’s why we aren’t answering. John can get email on his phone, so feel free to write to him there.

Over all, we’re *FINE*. Threw away ~$50 worth of food, but the chest freezer in the garage is keeping things frozen. We have a gas stove, so we can cook pasta and make tea. The roads are clear, so we can purchase food in small quantitites to keep it fresh. Sasha’s been at her vacation home for a few days, allowing us to just have to worry about Kit & Roland. (That will change as they are going on a vacation on Tuesday, so we need to get her back Monday evening.)

It’s been a long blackout. Would we do anything differently? Yes. In retrospect, I’d have liked to have moved the gas grill into the garage — we could have more easily used it to cook oven-based things (indirect heat) which would have broadened our ability to use items from the freezer. I’d like to own a cat ‘house’ or two, so I could feel the kitties were sleeping warm. Otherwise, the only thing we are really missing is the ability to take hot showers. We have to travel for that.

I’ll update when we have news again.

quick update on me

My office moved last weekend, I was in charge, so it was a long couple of weeks for me. I took some time off this week to make it up. While I did, my new computer arrived. It’s FAST. And QUIET. Playing games is extra fun now. 🙂

On the ‘down’ side, I had a root canal on Thursday. My first.

(‘squick’ warning under the cut)

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