Dear Whomever Thought It Was A Good Idea To Call and Wish Us a Merry Christmas at 6:30am:

It wasn’t.

I’m not sure if you’re family. I would apologize for telling you that you called a wrong number and hanging up on you IF you had done something other than giggle and wish me a merry christmas after I said Hello. As I said, I would apologize, even if I didn’t mean it.

The fact that you called back within a minute means that it wasn’t a wrong number, and the thing that saved you from a very unpleasant conversation with me is that J got to the phone first.

Have you no sense?

How would you feel if I called just before I decided to go to sleep on New Year’s Eve (approximately 2:30am EST), just to wish you a Happy New Year?

*snarl* Where’s the coffee?

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