There are many reasons

There are many reasons a man may have his children taken from him. It may be something he did directly, it may be something he failed to do to protect them.

But when a man is well known* for spouting garbled, ranting, angry, accusatory verbage it makes it very difficult to believe him when he is doing it again because his children were taken from him.

When that same man wrote a number of books proclaiming a very particular point of religious worldview was the correct one, then publicly ‘broke’ with that religion to found his own tradition¬† . . . and then (less than 2 years later) renounces it all to become a catholic, it makes it very difficult to take him seriously at all.

There is a lot tied up in this story.

This is a person who has consistently claimed that his worst offenses were because a head injury completely warped his brain several years ago. This is a person who insisted that disagreement with his methods for (magically) dealing with a couple of people meant active support for those people. This is a person who takes any criticism as an attack. This is a person who does not, in any sense, play well with others.

For me, the ‘cherry’ on this icky sundae is that this person now diminishes, downplays, and demeans his once prominent role in Wicca. He won’t even ‘man up’ (to use as offensive phrase as I can while being ‘PG’) and just bloody admit that he was once a witch, and changed his mind. No . . .¬† he’s being all ‘oh, yeah, I once wrote a couple of new age books’.

I may, someday, regret having written The Virtual Pagan. But I will never deny that I did. I know for sure that I was dropped from consideration as a candidate from a position working with a very high profile person & family because of my public life here on the ‘Net. That is the breaks.

I swore, almost 30 years ago, to walk the path S/He sets before me. There were times I did so crying at the unfairness, and times I put on blinders so I could ignore that path. But when I walk where S/He points, life is good and I am rewarded.

Yes, even now.

To turn my back on Them is a sin.

I’m shocked at the oathbreaking more than anything. Which I guess says something about me.

*and by that I mean his words are all over the InterWeb.

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