Despite everything, I am making plans

Travel plans, to be specific.

Up in the air: Christmas 2009 in San Francisco, even though my Dad is flying out there as well. I hope to have that worked out this week.

June 10-13th, 2010: Ashland, OR. The OSF will see us there with several friends, watching Hamlet and the Merchant of Venice (among other plays) and staying in a lovely house.

and . . . here’s the big one . . .

October 2nd through 16th: London/Venice. Yes, we bit the bullet and polished off the credit card and purchased tickets. Hotel reservations are being made, and plans laid. We WILL take our annual trip out of the country in 2010. I may be bald, but we WILL go. (That’s what charming hats are for, aren’t they?)

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