It’s been a busy summer

As the title says: We’ve had lots of company. We have a new dog integrating into the household. Sasha’s ear needs surgery. We have family coming at the end of the month. J’s schedule is very likely to change to a night shift and has gone from PT to OT in the space of a week.

It feels quite crazy.

I’m tired, a lot. I think that this is coming more from my hour-a-day workouts in water aerobics, muay thai, and pilates. But work drains me, and its hard to be motivated. July was a terrible eating out instead of making it at home month. bleah.

My students are awesome and I’m loving this year’s class. (I love every class, but some years are truly a joy.)

I think I’m changing my screensaver to this:

Ocean Crash

Hope all is well with you.

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