My Mabon Ritual

Just past Mercury’s backward dance this year, I held a Mabon ritual on my own.

The second feast of the witch’s year, Mabon is sometimes called ‘Harvest Home’. Held at a time where night and day are equal, this is a time for honoring the change of seasons, as well as expressing gratitude and completing projects. In JaguarMoon our ritual revolves around doing ‘knot magic’ to weave in potent energy to power our projects for the coming year.

I began, as always, with a refresh of my altar.

Into storage went the bright florals of Summer and the golden hues of Lammas; Mabon is a shift of seasons and I note that with an overlay of falling leaves against a black background. A velvet pumpkin takes pride of place, moving the grains to be scattered in the nearby bird sanctuary. Everything is cleaned and re-laid in a new configuration according to what feels right.

Incense of myrrh burns gently as I call upon the God and Goddess to join me within the sacred space I have conjured. Working slowly, I contemplate the projects begun over the last year. Those which finished I praise and offer in their entirety to Them. The projects that remain incomplete I honor for the work done, and dedicate anew to Them. A few special projects receive extra care and attention, Calling to Them to work with me to make them manifest.

In the silence of the evening I contemplate all that the past year has brought. When I have evoked gratitude for each and every blessing, I carry that bounteous energy and spill it onto the projects yet to come, yet to manifest, and welcome the new into my life with the energy of the completed.

Cider is in my chalice, and pumpkin nut bread on my plate. With reverence I offer the chalice and plate to Them and then share in the bounty.

Blessed Be. So Mote it Be.




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