2016 — a year of projects

Woven into our year of organizing are some very specific projects.

Hang a curtain rod (and curtains) in the guest room. Since there is a lamp post *right* across the street, the light-blocking shade really makes a difference for our guests, but its not so great during the summer months when it also blocks the breeze. So we’ll be hanging a curtain to help the situation.

Paint the hall sideboard. It was a craigslist find from about a decade ago, and is very sturdy. But the top is destroyed (water damage from plants) and it really needs a paint refurbishing. We’re hoping to be able to give it a good sanding and a simple coat or two.

Finish the ‘household binder’ which is awaiting several documents from J and &. This wants a date goal, so I’ll arbitrarily set March 31st and we’ll see how we do.

Paint the ‘dresser’ in the garage. This used to be my main dresser, more than a decade ago. It’s ‘raw’ (natural) wood, and really needs something to protect it from the ravages (ha!) of our garage. Several coats of glossy paint should do the trick (as well as adding a much-needed blast of color). Before we do this, we also need to decide on what color. (And therein lies the trick . . .)

Paint the dresser(s) in the bedroom. We have a kind of crappy little dresser from IKEA that does a good job of being a bedside table. It and the dresser that lives in the main room will both be painted a glossy white to match our woodwork. The room will then have a really nice (and sexy, if I may say) French blue, chocolate brown, glossy white color theme going on, with a change of bedspread from time to time providing ‘pops’ of color and interest. 🙂

Install a screen door for our garage. We wanted to do one for our front door, but the side glass apparently requires a custom mount and I have no confidence the result will look anything other than tacky. So we’re re-focusing on the garage as an option. The option we are looking at is motorized, and really quite nice.

Our guest room and bathroom need a refresher coat of paint. We’ve somehow lost the name of the color of paint we used (darn it) and although we love it, we can’t match it. So all the tiny nicks and scratches that accumulate are starting to get unsightly. It’ll still be a dark green (we love the color), and this time we’ll keep track, and a jar for touch ups.

Speaking of touch-ups, our hall walls have taken quite a beating these last two years. Mostly I blame Leo, who has a weird habit of rubbing against the walls. He’s a very clean animal, but over time the little bit of dirt he does carry around comes of and there is a noticeable ‘line’. Along with the inevitable dings and scratches, we need to do some copious wall repair. I’m hoping it stops short of needing an actual professional.

Our rugs need to be deep cleaned. We’ll need to either hire a service, or rent a machine and go out of town for a day or two while the rugs thoroughly dry.

Our wood floors need a really good re-surfacing. I’m not quite sure what that means. Cleaning, buffing, staining, re-waxing . . . All of the above? I know its not a matter of actually, TRULY, stripping the wood. But I know there’s been damage we want to fix/ clean up before it gets any worse.

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