my new book: Pagan Leadership Anthology!

Storms Aren’t a Crisis!

Pagan Leadership Anthology

Topics include:
Group dynamics, conflict resolution, mentoring, egotism, creating community, burnout, communication, healthy boundaries, delegation, crisis, power, volunteers, personal work, leadership models, bylaws, sustainability, processes, responsibility, ethics, dual relationships, collaboration, scapegoating, visibility, transparency, fears, resentment, self knowledge, discrimination, ageism, exclusion, empowerment, respect, organizations, sovereignty, growth, vision, uprisings, triangulation, service, expectations, projection, betrayal, healing, restorative justice, longevity, tradition, innovation, dedication, teaching, ministry, pride, developing skills, learning, administration, authority, integrity, compassion, social skills, truth, blame, shame, hypocrisy, gossip, safety, harassment, avoidance, tension, problem solving, relationships, transformation, failure, success, strength, sacrifice, support, mistakes, forgiveness, organizing, event planning, outreach, education, transference, professional, self-care, instability, confidentiality, money, equality, partnership, politics, reflection, investment, controversy, challenge, social justice, values, privilege, unity, skill-building, vulnerability, judgment, attitudes, social norms, silence, assumptions, discomfort, accountability, cliques, punctuality, removing members, pedestals, control, weakness, consent, misconduct, infrastructure, fatigue, thriving, complaints, participation, stewardship, structure, confidence, fundraising, feedback, identity, stubbornness, rejection, discernment, inspiration.

Authors include:
Diana Rajchel, Shauna Aura Knight, Taylor Ellwood, Karen Tate, Samuel Wagar, Romany Rivers, Margo Wolfe, Rev. Catharine Clarenbach, Lisa Spiral Besnett, Syren Nagakyrie, Christine Hoff Kraemer, Selina Rifkin, Phoenix LeFae, Catriona McDonald, KaliSara, Rev. Bill Duvendack,
Annika Mongan, Jade River, Manny Tejeda-Moreno, Peggy Thompson, JhenahTelyndru, Melanie Howard, Sable Aradia, Kenn Day, Melissa Hill, Courtney Weber, Philipp Kessler, Julia Maupin, Crystal Blanton, David Oliver Kling, Mya Om, Byron Ballard, Raine Shakti, Sophia Kelly Shultz,
Rev. Judith Laxer

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