2019 Goal: Top 100 Sci-Fi Novels Update #6

At the end of 2018 I set a goal for myself of reading all of the books on the Top 100 Fantasy and Top 100 Science Fiction book lists. It was ambitious. Lately I’ve been concentrating on the Sci-Fi and I’m now at  48 sci-fi books.

It’s been slow going this month, these books have been squeezed in between Cherryh’s Cyteen trilogy, Robinson’s StarDance trilogy, and assorted mysteries. (You didn’t think this was *all* I read, did you?

I anticipate my next update will be significant: I’m traveling for a month and loading my kindle up with lots and lots of books from this list.

Dhalgren Delany, Samuel I can see why this novel is beloved, but it felt a great deal like reading Gravity’s Rainbow.
Downbelow Station Cherryh, C. J. I loved the Cyteen series which inhabits the same universe. This is a gigantic novel of independence and shifting alliances.
Exo Lee, Fonda Cool technology, but not great character development. I’m not quite sure why this novel was chosen.
Flowers for Algernon Keyes, Daniel I see exactly why this is on a Top 100 list; the story is devastatingly still appropriate and sad.
Legend Lu, Marie A tale of two teens, separated by class and status, but coming together in the midst of tragedy field by political mechanations and betrayal.
Ringworld Niven, Larry Another novel that does NOT hold up. The relationship with the woman is creepy beyond belief. I remember liking these when a teen, no longer. Besides, I think Varley did it better.

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