Returning to Health

On Friday (June 2nd) I went to see my chiropractor for the first time in more than five years. He’s a nice guy who works in downtown Seattle, and has changed little since the last tiem I saw him.  His practice has changed, however and he does a lot of mental/energy work along with the adjustments.

Turns out that my recent ‘buzzing’ sensation along the outside of my arms is linked to a trauma when I was 12. I can’t describe to you the process he used to find that out, but suffice it to say that when he counted down to that age I swayed and almost lost my balance (after a brief sway for age 28). It was utterly amazing. My body literally spoke to me about what it was feeling. The perfect thing for this skeptic to experience.

His adjustment (before the energy work, which was a kind of ‘resetting’ of the bio-computer so the adjustment wouldn’t be immediately UN-adjusted) was intense, and nearly painful.

I felt great all weekend. Muy Thai on Saturday was a lot of fun (although I overdid it and injured my hip again, but it healed up by Sunday) and the first time John and I have managed to make the same session in too long. Best of all: no buzzing.

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