Solstice Joy

As is our wont, we gathered just before 7pm (PT) and prepared for our Solstice ritual. In former years, we followed a ritual handed down from ShadowMoon. That ritual celebrated the Lady in all of Her glory.

Then, last year, one of our coven members (Daystar) metaphorically raised his hand and said, “um… excuse me, but .. where’s the God?” He was right — we celebrated her, in all of Her summer glory and bounty, but virtually ignored Him. At the height of his power, even. (Lo, the blindness and forgiveness!) Daystar and I discussed the ritual and made a massive change: it became a Drawing Down the Sun ritual with a metaphorical battle between the Oak King and Holly King as the Triple Goddess looks on. For various reasons, I drew the sun down in ’05 and it was an amazing experience.

This year, Daystar drew down — to my immense pleasure and pride. If you’d told him a yera ago that he would be doing this, he would have laughed, and then run as far as he could get away. This year he asked me if he could do it. Sweet — GLORIOUS — transformation. I am so proud of him and the work he is doing.

Everyone wanted to talk to the God, even I. Don’t get me wrong, I talk to the God/dess all the time throughout my day (and yes, they do talk back, but I’m not delusional). But having the chance in ritual to so is special to me — I’m usually the one aspecting and its a little tricky to maintain both roles well. I heard what I needed to hear, and it was clear that He was speaking, not Daystar. (Different intonation, ‘feel,’ tonality…)

Magickal, mystical and momentous.

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