Dear Diary….

It’s going to be in the 90s today, pushing the envelope of tolerable for me. We had celing fans installed two weeks ago, today we’ll see how well they work.

Otherwise, I’m exhausted. The company moves next Saturday, and I’m in the final stages of the push towards the end. We have (as can be expected) some last minutes structrual changes in the new space, and if the timetable wasn’t full of about a week’s worth of slack, we wouldn’t make it. I’ve planned well, however, and I have pros all around, so I think we’ll do it. The details are taken care of, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t forgotten anything huge at this point. (That was last week’s worry.)

The book is coming along. This last week I had the pleasure of contacting a number of author acquaintances and asking them if they will read Magickal Connections (formerly: Magkical Group Dynamics) and provide a blurb. Almost all have agreed to do so — an ego boost of major proportions! — and many wanted to read the whole thing. Very cool for me. (Excuse me while I purr, will you?  puuuuurrrrrrrrr….) Its still in rough form after being STUFFED with 30,000 extra words, and I lack things like attributions and there’s a whole section that I lifted from the web that I’m deciding whether to keep, re-write to make completely relevant, or quote from (with permission, of course).

I am so very blessed by having support for my work. My desire now is to create a document worthy of the community I participate in.

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