We seem to have moved from a wet spring to an overly hot summer in a day. Mostly, its cope-able (the ceiling fans are a lifesaver), but my younger cat (Shasta) has taken to vomiting in the afternoon. Since its only then, its likely heat-related. But she doesn’t display the other symptoms of heatstroke (dizziness, bright red/purple mucus membranes, wheezing, excessive fur licking) so I am remaining calm.

I spent almost an hour talking with author Denise Dumars (Be Blessed is her newest pagan-related work, Dark Archetypes [with Lori Nyx] was another). Greta lady, interesting conversation. She gave me some pointers about publishing with NP and we discussed the state of the publishing industry. She even asked to read a draft of Magickal Connections and to write a blurb!

:::happy me:::

Yes, I still get happy at being ‘recognized’ as an author and taken seriously. Its related to my innate self-depreciation (bad grammar: you can’t have any other form of self-depreciation, can you?). But its not an ‘issue’ so much as a natural sense of modesty.

Enough self-indulgence, back to work….

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