A New Day, the Journey Continues

The difference in my health from day to day is astonishing.

I haven’t talked a lot about the spiritual side of my journey, mostly because it is intensely personal. Moreover, I’m in the middle of the journey and what I am seeing lacks perspective. But please don’t think that my priestess self is dormant, or that I have left my faith by the wayside.

Oh no. Far from it. My faith, the connection I feel to the Divine is utterly ongoing and completely present. This is no ‘dark night of the soul.’ It’s not even a twilight foreshadowing. (C0ntinuing the metaphor) I’m walking in the glorious sun of high noon with the Divine at my side.

Which may be one reason I’m not comfortable with terminology that makes what I am going through a battle, or me a survivor. Does flying to Kyiv make one a warrior? (Ok, if everything goes wrong it can feel that way. But still.) I’m on a journey, one perfectly designed so that I can learn very specific lessons — lessons I’ve been avoiding or just not getting up until now.

If anything, the Divine is taking this  little dunce in hand and shoving her up to the next level. 🙂

I went off the dilaudid on Friday morning and had no return of the pain. Yesterday I was still a bit low energy, and with a dinner party in the evening at my boss’ house I was conservative with my energy all day (just in case). The party was fun (I even had a couple of small glasses of wine) and we had a good time. But after 2 hours, I was very ready to go home.

Another good night of sleep and I am feeling phenomenally better. It’s even a gorgeous, sunny day outside (sadly, I must hide from the sun as it interacts poorly with my chemistry at the moment). So I know there is an extra long walk this evening as well as a new DVD to exercise to (I got a bunch from the library to round out my limited repertoire.)

I am really looking forward to getting a LOT done today!

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